Download Journey of Two Hearts_ Will Be - Anuj Tiwari inspirations for his novel from the love story of his parents, who encourage him to love, live and write . —Amar Ujala Anuj's journey touches every heart that beats. -will be cherished forever - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS! will be cherished forever is his debut novel. Read story Journey of two Hearts! Spread across 53 short but gripping chapters, the novel traces the journey of Anuj and Pakhi's hearts as.

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Journey of Two Hearts by Anuj Tiwari is downloadable as an e-book from Flipkart for ₹ An extra ₹5 will get you the print edition on Infibeam. (Prices are as of. Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An Inspirational Romance – Hindu. JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS is a TRUE LOVE STORY of protagonist Anuj We will procure this book and make it available within next few days and we will.

This novel starts when Anuj's friend Maddy has used his number to tease someone. Anuj feels very guilty for calling her. It was the number of a beautiful girl, Pakhi. He has started loving her as we have seen in the most traditional Bollywood movies. They loved and cared for each other, but suddenly twists and turns arrive, as we usually see in all love stories of all times.

The author had described the scene very beautifully in the book:. Confusions develop between Pakhi and Anuj. For example see the dialogue of Pakhi: Anuj describes his each and every moment, which he has spent with his beloved.

He describes some emotional incidents of his life like the departure of his beloved Pakhi. The writer describes the separation with Pakhi very painfully. The novelist has ended the novel pouring his heart out and tried to convince her with words about his true love and affection.


The novel deals with the beautiful theme of love and survival. It inspires us that life is very beautiful and we should live it; no matter how difficult the situations we should seek our heart's desire. Delhi girls are not only fair with faces but also with fair minds. I didnt think much and said whatever happened last night. Your friend Maddy gave me your number but you promise me, you wont call him now. I trust you, I requested, took a big risk against the friendship but risks are important to fix.

Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever

Ok, I promise you, Ill not tell, She replied very freely. That duffer, but how does he know my number? How do you know him? She was logical and nice at her each word so I explained her everything that happened though I was prepared and knew that something would happen for sure.

Whatever she told me about him changed my perception towards him. To get results according to actions, I wasnt happy and shocked.

He always used to tease her as she was pretty and intelligent. It made me frenzied to know more. I asked, Were you friends? He was my classmate for two years, we were only competitors, she answered. I mentioned friend but I wanted to know more about both of them, as I knew, the most loving person becomes enemy in life, so it was just a check point.

Someone is calling, I have to go, talk to you later, she replied, no affection in her voice, disconnected the call. Seems good, when a girl says, talk to you later that means she is giving you time after sometime.

Just talked few minutes and searching affection in her voice, stupid fellow, my mind said. I laughed. I didnt want to lose the opportunity to talk. I said, I want to talk to you something important. What, tell me? Now you can go, but may I call at this number after sometime when you are free? This time my tongue didnt slip to say these words. Ok, Ill inform you when Ill be free. Ok, bye. Phone line disconnected, I rose off in my cozy bed. I covered myself in rust brown and pink colored blanket.

Once again, she smiled at me serenely, and with the grandiose of a tortoise her hands gracefully inched towards 8. I looked outside, from the back door of the room. One hand was on my waist and other was holding the phone, I was standing in the balcony of my room. I looked at those small mountains surrounded with dense fog in the morning breeze. Chattering of birds, I was only able to see the edge of the sun in the fog.

I sat comfortably on the chair in balcony, connecting both the hands to the back of my head pointing out, and looking at the blue sky. The sun was growing slowly as the time stopped for few moments, spreading its shining by showing mercy with warmth. I started a good morning. After having Samosa in Sunday breakfast, I pulled out the phone that lay beeping in the right pocket of my denim. Automatically reaching for her number on the Recent Calls list, I saved her number.

I twirled my phone between thumb and the middle finger, and then shoved it into my pocket. Happiness slowly filled in as I thought I had found a friend; she seemed loving and caring enough. It was too early but my mind made a map. I waited till the evening but didnt get any message from her as she said she would inform once free. That night, I laid curled up in my cozy bed, the entire conversation automatically reeled an umpteenth number of times in my head.

I wondered, as I changed sides and let out a determined sigh to focus on the sleep evading me. Could I have been more humorous, just to impress her further? Was the call perfect or not? Was my way of talking good? Would Pakhi be thinking about the conversation too? I questioned myself. I predictably, didnt want to discuss this pleasant moment with others. Alone in my room, I was smiling at nobody in particular, and there was different sort of feeling within me.

Why are you so excited and frenzied to talk to her again? Then I realized I was such a foolish guy but true with my thoughts. I looked at the mirror, which always listened me, Relax dude.

There is always a tomorrow. Delhiites N ext morning, I woke up bit early, I tried to look at the clock, and rose my neck from blanket, and next moment clock rang. I threw it under the pillow but that was not enough to knit the dreams again.

This was the time to clean out the old nest. I kept my eyes closed and stayed in my bed. I put my hand under the pillow and looked at cell phone with half opened eyes.

I didnt check any messages, which were flashing on the screen and just messaged her, Hi. I was staring at my phone and waiting for her reply but I had gut feeling that she wouldnt reply.

When God made females, he put lots of love, care, beauty and small amount of attitude and this is reason from Mahabharat even before that we fight for woman. Dont make them feel that you are going crazy for them; just give some time and theyll come to you.

I was still uncertain on whom to turn to heart or brain. Both of them were pointing in opposite directions, one wanting to satisfy my ego while other wishing to hear her voice.

Answer came from my heart and I neglected the proposal of my stupid mind.

Journey Of Two Hearts!

I went ahead and dialed her number, even though it was little early for that but what was late or early, didnt matter. She received the call. Hello, said she. Whats up? I asked.

Soon it dawned that I had nothing up my sleeve to draw about her against her, but she seemed to have a repository of unsolicited information stored; information she could have obtained by those who have deceived me.

These girls exchange information as fast as some geek network stuff. Are you in Delhi? I prompted. She took some time, Yes, Im in Delhi and doing B. She stressed on last few words.

A seemingly confident girl, answers just kept pouring in, never dry never gushing, she associated her college Hansraj with SRK. Ok any more information? She asked. Is she choking me? Delhi girls are enough smarter than guys. So it could be the part of joke, I thought. She wanted to know as I took to silence to fit in all the surge of facts.

She was still giggling for some godforsaken reason. Do all girls giggle so much? I made a mental note to raise this in the next guy-discuss-girls meeting; must be discreet, of course. No thats fine for now, I finished smiling. Before she could chock me more, I introduced myself, By the way, let me introduce myself Anuj Tiwari from Bareilly.

What are the prerequisites, when you are talking to girls that from where she is, where she lives and what are her hobbies. However, there were lots more things to know, just like how does she look? Slim or fat? I thought for a while. I twirled fork in the Maggie and grinned looking somewhere in the room. I asked, So must be enjoying your college days. She exclaimed, Yessssss! Multiple S showed the truth of Delhi colleges and gorgeous Delhi girls. Moreover, giggled that gorgeous giggle again.

It silently echoed on the walls across and reverberated back at the receiver end again. And at your end, just study right? I wished that I could have something interesting to say and the things I had werent supposed to discuss with her, that was purely Boys stuff.

Noooo, its not like that. I also put multiple Os in the answer forcing her to believe that we also enjoy in the college. We enjoy, but only in the hostel because there is nothing outside the college. Were not as lucky as you are, I purred.

With her honeyed voice, she laughed, Yes, good place for you guys to study.

Videos dont work every time to satisfy, sometimes you need real beauty that college rarely had. There was one is to eight ratio to fight for a girl, not less than any other competitive exam. This much effort if I could put before coming to engineering college I could hopefully get of the IITs and after that I could get any model with perfect figure.

Efforts were true and sensible but I failed to execute at the right time. As usual, like every day I logged on my laptop, checked news on streaming and one bottom line of the news injected a small shock for a moment-Delhi Mayur Vihar? Interesting, I pushed the volume up and got a very paining answer, If guys can play with our feelings then why cant we?

What in the name of holy mother Mary; look at the nerve! I felt a sharp pain in the gut as a number of depressing questions arose. I racked my brain to remember the details again. She is also from Delhi. What did she say? I laughed and then grinned as I realized, I couldnt remember anything except the echoing giggles. It was hard to curb the urge. However, what would I ask her again? I just had to wait for a while before I found out a reason to call her.

I was choked when I heard that. When she chided me, I abused myself on acting like a dork. I thought, she knew how to tackle a guy.

What were you doing? I asked and made a guess that she was in metro. Nothing, she answered and added, Hey, Im in yellow line, network isnt proper here. Will call you when Ill reach Kashmiri Gate.

I replied, approaching to water bottle on the table, Ok, sure. So I was counting minutes in wait for her ping. After half an hour, my phone flashed arrival of her message, Hey, Im with my cousins, talk to you later. Eyebrows pressed together, up in the centre, I felt bad as she told me that shed call and nowDelhi girls.

Rather than being human, I called her shamelessly; she picked the call and asked, What were you doing? I just came from the class, I answered. Then why dont you take some rest? We can catch up later, she urged. I was too eager to talk her. Are you busy? She said very cutely, No, just with my cousins.

Ok, you enjoy with your cousins. Okay bye, she disconnected. How clever they are? God what you put in these girls when they were in mothers tummy, I murmured. T here is difference between love and like. You can like anyone even if that person isnt physically present but love only happens when two eyes meet and dream together.

I started liking her but it wasnt love and I wasnt in hurry to fall in love with her because still somewhere it was just a conversation which didnt have a strong foundation to carry any relation.

You cant carry any relation if it doesnt have any future and we didnt have any future so I was just happy with this unnamed relationship. We just had one week talking over the phone. I messaged her simple good night message and within a minute, got the same reply from her end, I smiled and that was enough to make me sleep happily, considering it an indication that someone cares for you. How stupid I was?

One more reason could be that theyre being pacified by the media and specially by girls who tell them its okay to cry, you just need to find the real man in you. She just replied with a general civic sense in todays gadget-world, whatever it was, it was the first message between us, which I saved in draft and became memorable message, how sweet, and how stupid it was.

The days were normal but the nights were too cold, next morning, when I was rolling in my cozy bed, unexpectedly my phone rang with arrival of her call, I charged up. Clock said am. I answered her call. She replied with a cheerful voice, her voice chocolaty that I liked most to make my day, Hey good morning! Good morning, I replied, deliberately groggy.

She suddenly said, Are you sleeping? Get up now, arent you heading for college? Ill, its only am. I have forty more minutes before class begins, I covered myself in blanket in the cold morning. Forty minutes before class begins and youre still in bed?

Yes, I said proudly, coming more close to microphone as I wanted to hug the moment in my bed, shrank in bed. Get up now. Sir, get up. Its not good for health to sleep like this, okay, she said. I snorted. Get up means get up, she repeated. It feels special when someone wakes you up early in the morning and you give all the reasons not to wake up.

Yeah good night bye, I moved my fingers to cut the call. Okay listen. Come in your balcony now, she said as she is the most innocent girl I had ever met. When a girl acts innocently, there must be a reason behind. I was shocked. I was awakening now. Anuj, I said come in your balcony, Pakhi ordered, seemed as we knew each other from so long.

I walked towards balcony. The cold wind rushed towards me, a feeling of cold gentle bliss that a splash of cold water could never give. I breathed deeply. Im in the balcony. What now? I asked feverishly. Now dance, she said and burst out laughing.

How can you do this to me?

Read Two Hearts: An Adoptee's Journey Through Grief to Gratitude PDF Online

Still laughing, How do you feel in this winter? The wind poked every cell it could. I was shivering. However, felt something different and why not, this happened first time with me, yes, first time I woke up so early.

Yes very warm, thank you. I was just kidding, Anuj. Now get ready for classes. I sighed, said Ok, and hung up. I walked and almost jumped with ecstasy, the energy had nothing to do with the fresh air. I rolled in the bed again, hugged pillow and closed my eyes for few seconds, it was pleasant to sleep in last ten minutes, always like heaven.

Last ten minutes are always most important, either its before examination or waking up early morning. I was ten minutes late for my class. I entered in the lecture theatre; Prof. Mahajan was taking lecture on stable and unstable systems. I was completely unstable the moment I reached in the class.

Physically I was present in the class but mentally I was in daydreams, dreams with bird of desires. Suddenly I found him in front of me and asking the question about essential conditions for stability. Now I am gone, I thought for a moment. Complete silence in the theatre, I looked at him, as he was expecting something from me and nothing came out from my mouth.

I took some time to recover and gave the answer confidently. I felt relaxed when he said, ok sit down and be in class. The class had been overfed for a shock. After five minutes of refreshment break, I was ready for the second battle, entered in the lecture theatre and decided that I wouldnt repeat the same thing again.

Unexpectedly in the second class, nothing changed and I found Prof. Mohanty said, You roll no. Get out of the class! He didnt even give me chance to answer any question. I thought I could answer and be in class.

Sir, I was just, I tried to speak. He repeated, Get out of the class. I felt ashamed, came out from the class. Whats wrong with me?

I came and lay in my bed and just opened the lid of my laptop, browsed Facebook and sent a message to her.

A girl can change your life, this fact I had just realized. Things were changing in life, especially in lecture theatres. They were in relationship but I wasnt but I tried to get it in few days else it was difficult for me to manage with recharge coupons. Bizarrely I asked her in the evening, Hey can you manage a reliance phone. So I can call you. She replied glibly, Hey, but this is fine, whats the problem with this?

Is there any problem? No, its ok, I responded but didnt know it was difficult to manage two in pocket money meant for one. She didnt stop there and added, Moreover couples use it and we are just friends.

This was the last bullet to take my breath. I stood up, took some water and replied, Okay fine, no problem. We became part of my daily schedule and good friends.

I started putting my phone on silent or vibration all the time. Even in the class, my fingers were on keypad and eyes on the white board, this is how I managed the love engineering. Every day was different from the previous one and I got to know something about us. Girls are the best creature of god but they are the unpredictable creature to hide all the secrets of them.

Call duration was inversely proportional to my monthly expenses, and my wallet was getting lighter now. When you step out for education or to make your career, you have two options, either you can fly and count the beer bottles, or you can follow a decent path of life.

Who didnt want to fly but I had chosen and followed the decent path because I had seen my father working late night at office when I was a child. They never said No and I never asked for more, whatever they gave, I managed with that only and obviously, that was enough for me.

COM W hen things come on your head then you realize its importance and impact. Many times life gives these many situations to go through it, like when a prince comes out from his home to learn the lessons of life, or a naughtiest girl becomes mother and takes all the responsibilities of her child or a hip-hop guy becomes father and take responsibilities of his family and their prosperities. One day she called me and we talked for more than half an hour, suddenly the call disconnected.

I called back and asked, What happened? She said despondently, Balance over. This was the best time to hit the iron and cash the opportunity. I have reliance phone, if you can manage, then we can talk freely, crossed my figure, shrugged my shoulder, I asked, indispensable. She replied sombrely, I dont have but my cousin uses, so I can manage but Im not sure. No problem, I took a long breath, relaxedsmiledhappy. The mission was accomplished. Though our eyes didnt meet yet but our feelings somewhere met in clouds via satellite.

When a girl lives alone, she has so many things to share because every day she has to face life with all the twists and turns and especially Delhi girls are chatter box. She started sharing her naughty ideas, her problems, stupid talks and many things which we were not supposed to discuss but we did.

Its good to go with the flow if its not sex. While having sex you need to stop for precautions else we could contribute more to increase the population of this country. If she had a problem, I had solution for that. When we are away from our home and family, we need people to share our feelings. If we get the right one, we carry them till the seven vows. Its very important how you look at any relation. In college, we spend all the years just to know our marital status but you shouldnt run to know or to change your marital status, you can just feel and enjoy the unnamed relation.

I too didnt want to know where this conversation was going. I was just true from my side and was ready to be the same for years for her.

She was staying away from her family living at her uncles home, so, many times, she missed her family. I could feel myself as her true friend.

I knew how difficult was to not miss your home, that too when you are papas best daughter. Sometimes tears wet my cheeks when she used to open her old memories. Everyone has a past, some people have good memories and some have good lessons. She never wanted to go away from her family but when her father had gone through paralysis attack, her elder brother sent her to her uncles place for further studies.

It seemed like she got everything in just few days. She just needed a friend who could listen to her and now she had the best one. Though I was supporting her but I wasnt superman. I was just few months elder than her.Nothing; Ill talk to you later, I said, before I disconnected the call, she started pleading, You wont disconnect the phone line, okay.

It happened with me. I didn't say anything, because I wanted to see your eagerness. Pakhi took tickets from my hand, Which screen?

I Tagged Her in My Heart

I chose the latest one of my college. This got repeated multiple times as I was still not sure to take a valid decision in between womanhood Vs hormones-hood. I know you are very kind hearted; I'm waiting to see that.