Standard Test Method for Determining Gas Permeability Characteristics of Plastic Film and Sheeting. Designation: D 82 (Reapproved ) Determining Gas Permeability Characteristics of Plastic Film. D Test Method for Determining Gas Permeability. Characteristics 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website,, or contact ASTM .. turer's instructions in the instrument manual for putting the. Home; ASTM D()e1. $; Add to Cart. Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart.

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standard by ASTM International, 06/01/ View all product Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart ASTM D()e1. ASTM D()e1 in English | Standard Test Method for Determining Gas Permeability Characteristics of Plastic Film and Sheeting. ISO, ISO , GB/T , ASTM D, JIS K, YBB Applications. This test instrument is applicable to the determination of gas.

Determine this volume to nearest 1 L and designate as VBC. Steere, N. Steere, Ed. D 82 Determine the average cross-sectional area of the capillary by dividing this volume by the length expressed to the nearest 0.

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Determine this area to the nearest 0. Designate this area as A, the area of transmission. Record the distance from the datum plane to the upper calibration line B in the capillary leg as hB.

Record the distance from the datum plane to the top of the mercury meniscus in the reservoir leg as hL. Determine hB and hL to the nearest 0.

The calibration steps in Procedure Avoid excessive grease. The entire cell is now directly connected to the test gas line.

Evacuate the bottom of the cell; then, with the bottom still being evacuated, evacuate the top of the cell. Close off the vacuum line to the top of the cell; then close the line to the bottom Fig. The cell manometer system should be evacuated to a pressure of 26 Pa or less, as indicated on the vacuum gage.

The height of the mercury in the capillary leg should be at approximately the same level as line B Fig. If a leak occurs on a second trial, this may indicate a mechanical failure of the equipment.

Take several readings at least six are recommended during the test. Calculate the function g h for each t as defined in Plot these values versus time, tto , and construct the best straight line through these points.

ASTM D7400 – 17

Use any observed values of h and t for h o and to, respectively, if these values are within the steady-state region. Historical Version s — view previous versions of standard.

Content only available by subscription. In addition, the material damping can be determined from CS tests.

These test methods primarily concern the actu. Shopping cart Close cart 0, foreach: Please login to your authorized staff account to use this feature. The Downhold Seismic DS investigations are similar to CS investigations, but asmt only one zstm to provide shear and compressional velocity wave profiles.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. Heavily-damped sensors should not be used so that spectral smearing, phase shifting, and latency response between sensors is avoided.

Another assumption inherent in the test methods is that the stratigraphic medium to be characterized can have transverse isotropy. Subscribe on standards with our subscription service.

A preferred method intended to obtain data for use on critical projects where the highest quality data is required is included.

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The instruments are coupled to the side of the grouted borehole inclinometer casing, allowing for the detection of shear and compressional waves as they pass between the receivers.

All of Olson Instruments have been researched, tested, and used on-site daily by our sister company, Olson Engineeringworld reknowned for NDT consulting.

Also included is an optional method intended for use on projects which do not require measurements of a high degree of precision. What is a standard?

These parameters are used in both analyses of soil behavior under both static and dynamic s where the elastic constants are input variables into the models defining the different states of deformations such as elastic, elasto-plastic, and failure. If you like to setup a quick demo, let us know at support madcad.NOTE 6A leak is indicated if the height of the mercury does not remain stationary. What is a Redline?

Standard Test Method for

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NOTE 4The apparent volume may be calculated from the thickness and diameter of the filter paper.

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