makes everything seem. The sky is kira-kira because its color is deep but see- through. download the Audiobook Download: See all books by Cynthia Kadohata. Kira Kira - Cynthia Kadohata. by: Key Blood. Topics: truyện. Truyện audio. Identifier: KiraKiraCynthia. Scanner: Internet Archive HTML5. Kira-Kira (Audio Download): Cynthia Kadohata, Elaina Erika Davis, Listening Library: Books.

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Kira-Kira [Cynthia Kadohata] on *FREE* Cynthia Kadohata ( Author) . Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. by Cynthia Kadohata. Novel. Kira-kira means glittering and, not to be obvious, this book glitters. Free Welcome To Homeschool Guide: Download Here!. Kira - Kira by Cynthia Kadohata at | Download Kira - Kira audiobook.

They went to work with their mom everyday in summer. Katie made a new friend, Silly, during the time in factory.

Amber dropped Lynn. Because the new house maybe can make Lynn feel better.

Because since Lynn was sick, Katie did everything for her. During the new year celebration, Lynn was dead.

After that their father took them to California because there is the place where Lynn wanted to lived when she get older. Dickson has a vicious dog that always bark at every one passed.

Since Katie and Lynn care about their family, their love helps their problems. Their hope brings luck.

Reaction: I loved this book. I have to admit I cried at certain times.

I was so moved and touched by its compassion. This is an inspiring book for young people.

I am so happy it exists. In both books unionizing plays an important role. What do you think about unions? Interview some adult workers about unions.

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In neither book does the character who wants to see the ocean actually see it. Are there other similarities in the books? Read more in our Featured Book article with activities, related books and links.They were so thrilled.

Use one of their lists as a pattern and make a similar list. This means her parents, although of Japanese descent, were also born in the United States.

Without Lynn's company, Katie makes friends with a girl called Sylvia "Silly" Kilgore, whose mother also works at the hatchery.

Two all-Japanese American units were created, including the nd Regimental Combat Team, which is considered to be one of the most honored military units in U. The way Kadohata unfolded the story of Katie getting mad at her sister, being impatient, thinking that her sister would get better, interacting with her parents, and worrying about her sister's friends showed a respect for and understanding for a child's thoughts and questions.

Kadohata devoured dozens of books of short stories, finally concluding, as she told Kendall, that "you could say things with fiction that you couldn't say any other way.

Amber dropped Lynn. User Contributions: Carlo Coppolal, Ph.