59 Seconds, Think a Little, Change a Lot. Home · 59 Seconds, Think a Little, Change a Lot Author: Wiseman Richard. 46 downloads Views 2MB Size. Book Details Author: Richard Wiseman Pages: Publisher: Pan Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: Fortunately, in 59 Seconds psychologist Richard Wiseman is on hand to provide fast-acting, myth-busting scientific. 59 seconds think a little change lot richard wiseman salestab 59 seconds think a pdf adobe document cloud is everything you need to create all-digital document.

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[PDF] 59 Seconds: Think a little change a lot by Wiseman Prof. Richard (2010) [Read] Full Ebook

Book Details Author: Richard Wiseman Pages: Pan Brand: English ISBN: Description Most people would like to be more creative, more persuasive and more attractive.

For years, gurus and 'life coaches' have urged people to improve their lives by changing the way they think and behave, but scientific research has revealed that many of their techniques, from group brainstorming to visualization, are ineffective.

Most self-improvement books lay out big plans and long journeys of transformation. Here are 3 lessons from 59 Seconds to improve your life quickly: Ask yourself what you want your speaker to say at your funeral to make sure you go for your long-term goals.

When you have a brilliant thought, jump right into executing it and skip the brainstorming. Ready to improve your life in three ways in just three minutes each? If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want.

59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot

One of the most popular techniques in self-improvement is visualizing your goals. You sit down, close your eyes, and imagine yourself achieving your dreams, as well as doing the things necessary to get there.

But to do that, you first have to know what your high-level goals even are. A great second exercise to get clarity on that is to just think about your own eulogy.

What do you want the speaker to say about you at your funeral?It is really a nice read. Do your present lifestyle and behavior justify the comments, or is there work to be done?

It feels your heart pounding, your blood rushing, your adrenaline flowing, and it thinks, "Huh.

Lesson 2: Skip the brainstorming and go right from eureka to execution.

The subjects covered are so wide-ranging that you may well be able to donate all your other self-help books to a charity shop and never download another one.

Okay, one more - you want to be creative, right? Website language: As for motivation, the often recommended technique of visualising your desired outcome has actually been shown to be counter-productive.

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