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Banking Theory Law And Practice By Santhanam Pdf

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today BANKING THEORY LAW AND PRACTICE Reddy & Appanniah: Banking Theory and Practice 4. BANKING THEORY LAW AND PRACTICE PDF - Are you looking for banking theory law and practice. PDF?. If you are a reader who likes to download banking . BANKING THEORY LAW AND PRACTICE PDF - Are you looking for banking banking theory law and practice by FREE PDF DOWNLOAD.

Collocations Prasad, 6 th Edition, Sultan Chand and sons.

Management - James A. Stoner, R. Accounting for Material: Concept Pricing of material issues: Treatment of material losses. Cost Ascertainment : Unit costing: Job, batch and contract costing: Operating costing: Process Costing-excluding inter-process profits, and joint and by products. Text Book 1. Arora M. Jain S. Cost Accounting: Kalyani New Delhi. Irwin Inc,Illionis. To understand their role and responsibility in this environment.

Unit - 1: Introduction to environment and environmental studies Introduction to environment components nature of environment - need of awareness water crisis - climatic change - fossil fuels pollution loss of biodiversity deforestation their impacts - reasons for environmental problems anthropocentric and eco centric views. Environmental studies - multidisciplinary nature scope and aim sustainable development- principles RRR concept- extension response of world community Indian environmental movements environmental calendar.

Unit 2: Ecosystem and Biodiversity Ecosystem structure functions simplified ecosystem models food chain and food webs and their types - forest grassland pond desert- estuary ecosystems ecological succession - ecological pyramids Bio-geochemical cycles of water oxygen-carbon-phosphorous and sulphur. Biodiversity definition types species genetic and ecosystem diversities- values of biodiversity threats to biodiversity conservation of biodiversity endemism biodiversity hotspots Indian biodiversity soils of India floristic regions endemic species of India IUCN lists -red-green and blue data books.

Unit 3: Natural resources Natural resources definition types forest resources uses deforestation- reasons - effects water resources distribution of water in the globe other reasons for problems conservation of water dams effects of dams - food resources modern agriculture ill effects -energy resources- types hydel nuclear solar wind and biomass energy - world scenario Indian scenario Population and environment reasons for over exploitation of resources population demography population curves population explosion effects consumerism effects urbanization reasons and effects- role of an individual.

Unit 4: Environmental Pollution Pollution definition types air pollution causes and effects effects of CO 2 CO NOx SOx particulates control of air pollution water pollution causes effects remedies soil pollution solid waste management e waste ill effects of e-waste proper recycling- Noise pollution reasons effects control nuclear pollution cases effects and control marine and thermal pollution causes effects and remedies Legal provisions for protecting environment article 48 A 51 A g Environment act Air act Water act wild life protection act Forest act salient features and inadequacies - problems in implementation reasons.

Environmental ethics introduction people getting affected - resettlement and rehabilitation issues involved Sardhar Sarovar project Tawa Matsya sang - Melting icebergs of Arctic. Perspectives in Environmental studies Anubha kaushik and CP kaushik, New age international publishers, 4 th edition, Reference books 1. Environmental Studies, N. Nandini, N. Dara, S. Chand and Co. VanLoon and Stephen J. Ahluwalia and M. Kidwai, Anamaya Publishers, Unit II Problem solving and building relationship: Problem solving, creativity, innovation, steps of analytical problem solving, limitations of analytical problem solving, impediments of creativity, multiple approaches to creativity, conceptual blocks, conceptual block bursting.

Skills development and application for above areas. Unit III Building relationship Skills for developing positive interpersonal communication, importance of Supportive communication, coaching and counseling, defensiveness and disconfirmation, principles of supportive communications.

Personal interview management. Skill analysis and application on above areas. Unit IV Team building: Developing teams and team work, advantages of team, leading team, team membership.

Skill development and skill application. Unit V Empowering and delegating: Meaning of empowerment, dimensions of empowerment, how to develop empowerment, inhibitors of empowerment, delegating works. Skills development and skill application on above areas.

Text Books 1.

Reference Books 1. Unit V Presentation packages Power point basics Creating and saving a presentation basic formatting advanced formatting slide show topics. Business Statistics: S. Gupta Revised Edition S. Business Statistics R. Pillai and Bagavathi Revised edition S. Text Book: 1. Business Environment - Dr. Essentials Of Business Environment - K. Elements Of Mercantile Law - N.

banking theory- law and practice free

Santhanam, Margham Publications Reference Books: 1. Banking and Financial Dr. Nirmala Prasad, J.

Human Relations and Organisational Behaviour Dwivedi, MacMillan, New Delhi 28 BB Financial Management To provide knowledge about various tools of financial analysis, tools and techniques of funds management, basics of investment portfolio management. Factor types factoring services in India Text Book 1. Financial management - Dr. New Delhi.

Sharma, shasi k. Financial management- Dr. Pandey, 9 th Edition , Vikas publishing house, New Delhi. Unit- I Introduction definition, significance and objectives of marketing.

Marketing concepts and approaches to the study of marketing. Marketing mix, marketing organization and functions of marketing executives Market segmentation and downloader behaviour importance and basis of market segmentation. downloader behaviour: - downloading motives. Causes for the new products success or failure; product mix and product line. Concept of product life cycle. Pricing objectives; factors influencing price determinations Pricing policies and strategies.

Unit-IV Physical distribution significance, objectives and elements of physical distribution. Importance of physical distribution management. The effective use of physical distribution marketing channels importance selection and evaluation of channels. Unit-V 14 Periods Promotion Purpose of sales promotion Major decision in sales promotion- tools of sales promotion consumer promotion trade promotion- sales force promotion developing the sales promotion program pre testing implementation and control- evaluation Growth of sales promotion in India Text Book 1.

Marketing management - Dr. Elements of Company law -N. A Text Book of Company Law -. Gogna, 5 th Edition, , S. Personnel Management and Industrial Relations - Dr.

Unit- I Operations Management Meaning, objectives, functions Types of Production Systems Plant Location Factors affecting plant location Selection of site - urban, rural, or sub-urban areas, industrial estates advantages and disadvantages Subjective, qualitative and semi-quantitative techniques for site evaluation Unit- II Plant layout Introduction objectives of an ideal plant layout factors affecting the plant layout decisions Material flow system Types of plant layout Material handling Principles, importance, advantages of good material handling system - Types of material handling equipments.

UNIT V Conditions and Warranties Express and implied conditions and warranties Caveat emptor Exceptions Transfer of property - Sale by non owners exception to general rule as to title - performance of contract Rights of an Unpaid seller.

Banking Theory Law And Practice By Santhanam Pdf

Mercantitle Law N. Kapoor Business Laws S. Kathiresan and Dr. Radha Business Law J. Death of a partner Calculation of Deceased partners share of profit Joint Life policy. Gupta Financial Accounting T. Murthy Advanced Accountancy S.

Advanced Accountancy M. Grewal Financial Accounts S.

Bhatia Entrepreneurship Development in India Dr. Timber extraction, mining, dams and their effects on forests and tribal people. Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources.

Equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles. Food chains, food webs and ecological Pyramids Introduction : types, characteristic features, structure and function of the a. Forest ecosystem b. Grassland ecosystem c. Desert ecosystem d. Case studies. Environment Protection Act. Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act.

Population explosion Family Welfare Programme.

Environment and human health. Study of simple ecosystems pond, river, hill slopes, etc. Reddy A unique Self Development Digest. UNIT- IV Verification and valuation of Assets and liabilities Verification Meaning objects valuation meaning objects distinction between verification and valuation- verification and valuation of Property, plant and machinery, investments, stock in trade and liabilities position of an auditor.

Banking Theory, Law & Practice

Premavathy Practical Auditing B. Panday , G. Ahuja Cost Accounting - T. Reddy, T. Bhatia Financial Services B.

Murthy Company Accounting- S. Jain and Narang Advanced Accounting R.

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Maheswari Management Accounting R. Reddy, V. Pandey, G. Ahuja Cost Accounting T.

Rajan Nair Marketing Philip. Kotler Principles of Marketing Dr. Nirmala Prasad, Marketing J. Gandhi Marketing Dr.Bank management governs various concerns associated with banks in order to maximize profits and minimize risks Printed Version. Bhatia Financial Services B. Start today so you are fully. Hari Prasad Reddy Dr.

Mohamed Meeran. Rajesh, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Grewal 2 Advanced Accounting — I —R.

Auction Sale — Rules relating to delivery of goods.