Dollar Bahu book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and h . in Kannada as Dollar Sose by the columnist and philanthropist writer Sudha Murty was translated in English as Dollar Bahu. The novel emphasized the value of. Dollar Bahu eBook: Sudha Murty: site Store.

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Dollar Bahu - Sudha Murty - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. cv. A story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and how it can almost tear a family apart Vinuta marries Girish, a bank clerk, and starts living. Dollar Bahu is a Hindi-language television series that aired on Zee TV channel in Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Even if she did. She on her part felt this was probably their last meeting. As he was leaving for the station. She would probably miss him. He had wanted to go there for higher studies but financial constraints at home had not allowed it.

F O UR Suddenly. Then he had hoped to study computer science so that he could get a job abroad. I will make a trip to Bangalore sometime. You are going abroad. Good luck. You must visit Dharwad sometime and stay with us. He explained the reason.

Dollar Bahu - Sudha Murty

His spirits hit rock bottom because it was the end of his American dream. Though they did not talk to each other a lot. She has called me over quite a few times. And whenever you come to Bangalore. He was contented and happy with his lot. She worked hard to keep the domestic expenses within the budget. I am equal to you.

Girish worked as a clerk in a bank. Girish would be the first to offer and muster help. What Appa says is right. I bought a coral set. Since her husband had been unable to fulfil her dreams.

He wanted his children. Gouramma had often tried to discourage him from such activities but Girish would shrug off her lecture with a laugh. Like her. If anyone required help at the bank. I only use that to make sweets like kesari and all. Whenever she attended a marriage or a family function. So he did not think of extending his house or making any changes.

Most of their children were settled abroad. He shared her dream of going abroad. Girish and Surabhi. Shamanna had a modest salary but he had managed to build a small house in Jayanagar. She always dreamed of diamonds.

After office he would involve himself in all sorts of cultural activities such as compering programmes during the Dusherra festival.

She felt people ignored her and looked down upon her because none of her children were based abroad. He had a reputation as a good teacher and a good human being. How will he ever be a successful man with this sort of approach to life and society? As a human being it is our duty to help everyone. I bought a beautiful jade set there. A commerce graduate. In most such gatherings. Ganesha Chaturthi. Every day she would pray to god that her children should go abroad and earn lots of money so that she could join that circle and tell them.

Gouramma had pinned her hopes on her children. F I VE Shamanna. Chandra Shekhar. This one will grow up to be like me.

Chandru will be the successful man you want your sons to be. Shamanna would pacify her. He was. D-day came. I would like to join you. If you stay long enough. Surabhi had already given him a list of cosmetics. After all. It would make things much easier for the family since Shamanna was due to retire within a year. Their plan was that he should first go to America. The dream, held dear for so long, had finally come true. Chandru arrived in the land of opportunities and amazing wealth.

Chandru was an intelligent, thinking man. He tended to compare the two countries, India and America. There were some things about the US that really appealed to him. America was rich, healthy and vibrant like a spirited youth, bursting with life. It was a nation forever on its toes. There were no words like powercuts or water shortages.

Housing was easily available. He could find his way around anywhere with the help of a map—there was no need to thrust questions at strangers on the road.

He could easily afford to download a car and a house. The government was efficient and effective. All in all, this country was more than capable of fulfilling the basic needs of all its citizens and that is why it was the richest nation on earth and the most powerful.

By contrast, in India everything was a hassle. It was, no doubt, a five-thousand-year-old civilization where great kings like Ashoka and Harshavardana had ruled. The land that had been praised by poets and writers in the days of yore had now become home to scarcity and superstition.

It was a body weakened by prolonged and painful disease, with its vital organs decayed, its essences sapped. It was not fair to compare the two countries. If one was the sky, the other was the earth. One was dark, the other incandescent light.

Chandru became enamoured of the comforts and charms of the American way of life very soon. How wonderful this country is! How happy the people living here are. Even his work was very satisfying, unlike the field visits he had had to make on the dusty roads of Dharwad.

In order to improve his prospects, Chandru enrolled for computer classes in the evenings. His company agreed to pay for them. Chandru lived frugally and saved as much as he could. Because of the exchange rate even a hundred dollars meant at least four and a half thousand rupees. So, the hard working, ambitious, capable Chandru rapidly climbed the ladder of success. It filled him with ebullience, gave him a new zest for life.

But he did miss his family, especially when he returned home in the evenings. He would call his mother every weekend and describe his new American life, particularly how he went grocery shopping. He would describe the variety of juices packed in different kinds of bottles and cartons, the huge range of ice creams in all sorts of flavours and containers available in the stores, all the fruits and vegetables neatly packed and ready to eat. Often he would talk about garbage trucks, K-mart sales and money changing machines.

They pick up newspapers from unmanned roadside stalls and diligently leave the money. There is no need for bus conductors on the buses. Each one pays the fare without being asked or told. No cheating. It is magic money. One dollar is equal to forty-two Indian rupees. If you have Dollars in your pocket, you can travel to any corner of the world without worry.

It is universally acceptable currency. Often, the rice would be overcooked, the vegetables half-done, the dal would have too much salt and the coffee too much sugar. Gouramma was in India only in body at such times; her spirit would be flying across the length and breadth of America. She would dream about the Dollar, that magic green currency, which could change her house and fulfil her dreams.

It was the Dollar, not Indian rupees, which could elevate her into the elite circle at social gatherings and marriage halls. The Dollar was like the Goddess Lakshmi, with a magic wand. Before they knew it, Chandru had spent a year and a half in America. It was time for him to return home.

The thought distressed him. His thoughts began to wander in a whole new direction. The new employer assured them they would get an extension on the existing H1 visa or a green card, depending on the situation. Non-fulfilment of the bond invited penalties.

At that time we will see what is to be done. It seemed to have become a fairly common trick. His colleagues Rajiv and Shrikant had signed bonds in India and had then gone underground in America. They were living in Colorado. But though Chandru knew where Rajiv and Shrikant were, he remained silent. Chandru found himself thinking along these lines more often now. With the additional software skills that he.

It did not take him long to make up his mind. He called his mother and explained that only with cooperation from his family members, by keeping things confidential, would he be successful in his plan, and that he would come to India only after he got a green card. Thanks to the dollars that you have been sending, we are living much better. More than helping her son in his plan, she was delighted that she could soon tell everyone that her elder son was an NRI. Chandru began to scour the employment announcements.

Soon, he saw an advertisement for a job with a company based in Nashville, Tennessee, near the East Coast. It was a state with a low density of population and beautiful cattle-grazing pastures. But Nashville was not a place many people wanted to go to. The new company promised to help Chandru acquire a green card. It was thus the right job at the right place for his period of hiding! When his Florida boss made enquiries a week later, he discovered that Chandru had vanished.

Vinuta turned around and saw a tall young man just behind her. I will pay you my fare the minute we disembark. The bus conductor asked her where she wanted to go. I love that garden. The conductor was most irritated. Once you have a job. Anyway tell your husband to download the ticket. The family had dispersed. When the marriage is fixed. She leaned on the metal pole flushed with the pride of a victor. With great pushing and shoving.

You will soon get a job. That is the last remembrance of my parents. She held out the note. For the time being. Her job was temporary and she could not afford leave without pay. But I cannot accept a free ticket from anybody. Uncle Bheemanna had died suddenly of a heart attack.

The beautiful Dharwad days had come to an unexpected. My life is in that. Vinuta got off at the bus stop to walk to the school where she worked. She spoke sternly to the tall man. This had been her routine now for the past several months. Vinuta managed to get into the bus.

If she missed this bus. She implored. Indu had said. Vinuta became frantic. She was of marriageable age. Rama Rao. But all she found was the hundred-rupee note that she had received from the private tuition she was giving. She had walked a few steps when Vinuta realized she had to pay the man for her ticket. He wanted to see what this self-willed girl would do. Girish stared after her. How could she have trusted an unknown man with a hundred rupees. Why had she assumed he was speaking the truth?

How could she have been so impulsive? At the end of the day. She turned round and saw him right behind her. She could not even remember whether his name was Girish or Ramesh. Though she had a BEd degree she knew she would not get a job right away. Every tree. Girish was waiting for her outside the bank. I am a teacher in that school. I would have come to your school and returned the money.

Girish had not deducted the bus fare! About a week later. I am getting late.

I will come and collect it later. I work in the Jayanagar branch of Canara Bank. So she started giving music lessons at home until she got a temporary job in a school in Jayanagar. Vinuta caressed all the plants of her garden and tearfully bid them goodbye. You cannot afford to be sentimental at this time. But Indu was right. Only after she reached the school did Vinuta realize what she had done.

But he said nothing. I will get change. Vinuta returned after a while. With a heavy heart. Here is your money. Where would she get the change. In the bus. Vinuta was greatly relieved. We will have enough time to make arrangements to sell the house. Should we make some enquiries? Girish had become quite interested in her. She is from Dharwad. Vinuta too felt she was fortunate and was willing to agree instantly. One evening. And she has an excellent voice.

On their way. All I ask for is to be contented. I think Girish is interested in that girl. It will be a good match. Girish did not know who the girl was. Are you particular that you only want an engineer or a class I officer or something? They are not rich people. He and his family went to see the girl.

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That was when Gouramma had started inviting proposals from parents of marriageable girls. I will continue to work. He said Vinuta Desai is working in the school where he is.

The boy is a clerk in a bank. When Girish had gone out. Before Shamanna and his family left. From Bangalore only. After seeing Vinuta in the bus and later discovering that she worked in the same school as his father.

A marriage proposal. If necessary. In fact. Shamanna said to his wife. Though Gouramma had no plans of getting Girish married before Chandru. Surabhi teased him. They also have a daughter. All these days you had only one teacher. Both Gouramma and Surabhi liked Vinuta in their very first meeting. She looked very pleasant.

Shamanna had other ideas. He has an elder brother in America who will come to India only after two years. Girish casually asked his father.

If you marry her. How do you know her? Shamanna had been in favour of this alliance right from the start and Girish was more than happy. Appa says it is very hard to say no to this girl. And his secret plans worked. Immediately they had returned to India with the sole intent of getting married. You will find my address on the cover. If you are sure and can wait for me. If you do not have any such feelings. Chandru Several days passed.

He worried about what her response would be. Some people he knew had managed to get their green cards. His imagination started going haywire. The thought of marriage reminded him of Vinuta. Now that he wanted to get married. With regards. He had become increasingly lonely and wanted to get married as soon as possible. You will be surprised to receive this letter. For some time. He had begun to take for granted the comforts and facilities that had earlier filled him with such awe.

Someone else may have opened the letter and the whole of Dharwad had heard about it. Many had even decided on a particular bride purely on the basis of a photo or video. Please do not misread my intentions. Some of the young men would take the pains to look at several proposals.

I have always appreciated your good qualities. But he did not know whether his feelings were reciprocated. They would see thirty potential brides in twenty days and then at the end of the whirlwind campaign get married in the matter of a week.

If you have similar feelings about me. Almost two years and a half had gone by and there was as yet no sign of the green card.

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Matrimony was an attractive. I have been in America for the last few years. One night. His company sponsored him for a green card. His mind.

I will talk to your uncle and to my parents. He had really liked her. Dear Vinuta. Chandru missed India and his family. I really wish you could come for the wedding.

We should not start our new life with tears. The wedding should be grand. You know as well as I do what a struggle it is to build a house. Without your help. What will we do with a house in Dharwad? It is better that she sells the house. We do not want any dowry.

If the wedding is simple. Leave it to Girish and Vinuta. We have been able to build the first floor only because Chandru is in America and is sending us money in dollars. Though he liked his brother Girish and was happy that he was getting married.

A few days later Gouramma called Chandru and gave him the news. Though Girish was normally outgoing and talkative. We will postpone the date until you can come. Is it big? Leave it to us. Girish smiled and affectionately took hold of her hands. He was almost certain that the girl had been chosen by his father. Amma may get upset for some time and she might scold you or taunt us.

Gouramma started the pre-marriage talks. She could not speak. It is not just a house. If the house were in Bangalore. But since you told us about your green card problem. Till then we had been living in a small house. My mother is actually a very nice person. He broke out in a sweat. She softens up later.

Girish intervened. To prevent further argument. Selling a house just for the sake of a show-off wedding is foolish. Our elder son is in America and we have to maintain our status. Shamanna had enough. We all are so grateful to you. Chandru just tore up the letter and killed the dream in his heart. He wrote out a cheque. Chandru was mighty satisfied and contented that he had climbed that rung of American life. Knowing his mother. This was the first rung of success.

Chandru was now more conversant with the language of the Dollar. The thought of returning to India had receded to the back of his mind. With Shankar. If she chose to stay at home. She was not interested in studying for a postgraduate degree. She realized her mother-in-law was a domineering person and Surabhi a carefree.

So it will be the wedding. Gouramma indulged her fully. Let us go out for lunch.

Unlike Vinuta. Shashi came to school. His father and mine are great friends. One day. We will surely get on very well because we have known each other since childhood. Shamanna reminded her of her uncle Bheemanna.

When are you resigning? But he certainly did not object to her singing. At least until then let her enjoy life.

T EN Vinuta was very happy in her new house. Surabhi looked upon her as a rival. He is also doing his PhD. She would wake up early and help her mother-in-law in the morning before going to school. She now had a permanent job in the same government school. Where is he from? All these years.

These represented to her the essence of a good life. You should pursue music as an alternative career. Over the months she and Vinuta had become really close friends. Shamanna would often say. Girish lavished love on her.

After marriage. Surabhi was quite immature and looked upon life as a series of shopping expeditions for jewels and clothes. If he had stayed back in India and married me. Now for the first time she would be going out of town with her husband. What could have happened? Had there been an accident? This was a marriage fixed with the approval of both sets of parents. Sushila continued to talk about Shashi. I gave my heart to an unworthy man.

Shashi opened the door. They offered him a green card through marriage and to support his PhD studies at any university in the US. He has humiliated all of us. His parents feel it is a great opportunity for him. They put an ad in the papers saying that the girl had a green card and wanted a groom with certain qualifications. That devil is rock solid.

A seething fury replaced it. It was pleasantly cool. Vinuta looked around and noticed that the marriage preparations. Many others. Sushila Rao. Tell me straight. CAs and other professionals. When she saw Vinuta. Do you have any idea why?

You ought to know because you two are great friends. What to do! I am just sick of life. Is Shankar all right? Has he met with an accident or something? Since she and Girish had started life together. But Shankar was selected because the girl was also an MA in Literature. Vinuta marvelled at the beautiful sight. He now feels that there is no future in tutorials. She was not meant to marry Shankar. Her mind was in a tortured spin.

He has two sisters to be married off and his father is a retired man. Vinuta missed Shashikala a great deal when she left the school. Is nobody worried about that? How generous of him. Shashi added. It would have been great if you could have attended our simple wedding. With affection. It was a letter from Girish with a few pictures enclosed. It took a few days for Chandru to accept what had happened and digest the reality of life. Girish was neither handsome nor as well placed as he was.

Vinuta looked radiant. Something that he had never imagined was now a harsh reality. When he came home that evening he found a letter from Bangalore. HIS Vinu. He freshened up. I have sent some photos. What a coincidence! What irony! The joy and excitement of that evening evaporated. Vinu says she knows you and has conveyed her regards to you. Dear Chandru. He looked at the photos once again.

The spring goddess of Dharwad. He was on top of the world. For a minute. The son of an ordinary schoolmaster. Girish Chandru looked at the photos. He was settled for life now. He had finally got the magic ticket to the gates of heaven. Girish and Surabhi got ready to go to the airport to receive Chandru. Do you remember me? Chandru was due to come home after almost six years.

Providence had made him her brother-in-law. I could not do much shopping for everyone. Chandru walked up to his mother. Would he ask her to sing again? Shamanna was happy that his son was coming home after so long. He then saw Vinuta standing near the door.

Her face glowed with the happiness and contentment in her soul. She went to the airport confident that Vinuta would take care of everything at home to welcome Chandru.

Dollar Bahu

Please download whatever you feel is right. His luggage will need all the space. Even before he had a wash and could sit down. Her heart swelled with pride. Chandru said. She then remembered his love for music and his diffidence in praising her openly. How was your journey? She probably got everything here that she had missed in Dharwad. When they reached home. Tell me what Chandru likes and I will get everything ready.

Handing over a bunch of hundred-dollar notes to Gouramma. Surabhi was engrossed in checking out her list. Vinuta too shared the excitement. It was a touching moment. He saw that the teenage Vinu of Dharwad had now matured into a young woman.

Vinuta had told her mother-in-law earlier. But sharing had never been part of her nature. Vinuta cheerfully took over all the responsibilities. If the greedy Gouramma was lured. One shrewd father. She had. A thousand dollars. But he quickly scotched his inner voice. Gouramma was thrilled. Her visits to beauty clinics had been fruitless. A woman who had never been able to indulge herself and had struggled all her life to make ends meet.

She understood the feelings of a mother who was meeting her son after such a long time. Gouramma had shortlisted four girls for Chandru to choose from. He would have liked to meet his former employer. She also made sure she served snacks and coffee to the numerous guests who dropped in to meet Chandru.

Gouramma silently prayed that her son would choose Jamuna as his bride. Gouramma seemed to forget the kitchen. He had cheated on a company that had financed his trip and paid for his computer training.

In the end Shamanna was forced to say. When they were leaving. I just want to rest for a while. Parvati handed over baskets of vegetables and fruits. She went eagerly to see them. He wanted to meet his old friends and colleagues. Krishnappa and his wife Parvati flaunted their silverware and gold and diamond jewellery.

But in an expensive sari. He was a prize catch. When he came to visit Gouramma. He owned a palatial house and three cars. He invited them to his farmhouse. On the way home. He doubted if she would fit into his middle-class family. Their daughter. Chandru had come home for just three weeks. He rationalized that he was not the only one: She was mentally listing all the things that she could download.

Jamuna was effusively friendly with Surabhi and that made Gouramma very comfortable. Shamanna felt that a bride coming from such a family. She wanted to spend every possible minute with her son.

But let us at least continue with the cordial relationship. Gouramma was in seventh heaven. He had a daughter and a son. Had it not been for her dusky complexion she would have got even more eligible. His eye fell on Chandru.

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Bluntly she asked him. The long stay away from India made him feel quite disoriented. But one should be aware that life in America is lonely. Your stomach cannot handle all that spicy and rich stuff your mother is serving you.

Chandru gave the green signal after some thought. A few days later. The market is like that. We are from a middle-class family. After some initial small talk. Chandru went to consult him. In the light of the chandelier. A college friend.

I plan to settle there. He was not particularly keen on marrying a working girl. He wanted a bold girl who could face life and enjoy it there. As far as Jamuna was concerned. To finally become specialists we spend ten years or more after pre-university.

I have responsibilities. As a result. Chandru went alone. Your dollar salary. Pollution in the air. And that is particularly true since you are in America. You are a friend. Ravi was very happy to see him. Krishnappa sent his car to pick up Chandru. Whereas software engineers spend four years studying and earn more than a doctor earns. If you want to come to visit your parents.

A story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and how it can almost tear a family apart Vinuta marries Girish, a bank clerk, and starts living with his family in Bangalore. She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law Gouramma, not taking to heart her mother-in-law's constant picking. But when Girish's elder brother Chandru, who is in the US, decides to get married, Vinuta has to listen to the constant comparisons made between her and Chandru's wife, the 'Dollar Bahu', whose husband earns the valuable dollars that has brought the family its recent affluence.

Vinuta slowly loses her peace of mind and health. Then Gouramma decides to visit her US-based son and daughter-in-law. Once there, she sees how liberating life can be, away from the strict norms that govern Indian middle-class life. But she also begins to understand that mere dollars cannot download the love and respect that she gets as her due back in India.

Does Gouramma forge a new relationship with Vinuta and can Vinuta forgive and forget the past? Fiction Literature. Publication Details Publisher:He felt sorry for the poor girl. Bheemanna, too, was happy that the young man whom he had come to like was going abroad. They put an ad in the papers saying that the girl had a green card and wanted a groom with certain qualifications.

Even if you may not enjoy it because of Sudha's banal prose, you will most certainly end up thinking of how you handle d the situation where opportunity knocks at your door. But Shankar was selected because the girl was also an MA in Literature. Girish was waiting for her outside the bank. She went to the airport confident that Vinuta would take care of everything at home to welcome Chandru.