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Excel VBA Macro Programming. Home · Excel VBA Macro Excel Power Programming with VBA (Excel Power Programming With Vba). Read more. "Today, no accomplished Excel programmer can afford to be without John's book. The value of Excel Power Programming with VBA is double most other. eBook version of Excel Power Programming with VBA. also applies to Excel and later versions, I assume that you're using Excel Although.

In other words, a Macro is a set of instructions given to Excel to accomplish something. We will write a MakeMeRed macro, that paints red color in any selected cell s.

Like this, Enabling Developer Ribbon in Excel In order to record and use macros and other developer features , the first step is to activate Developer Ribbon or Developer Toolbar.

This is done by, Excel 1.

Click on Office button top left 2. Go to Excel Options 3. Go to Popular 4.

Click ok. Click on File Menu top left 2.

Go to Options 4. Tape Recorder?!?

Step 2: Give a name to your Macro Specify a name for your macro. I called mine MakeMeRed. You can choose whatever you want.

Just make sure there are no spaces or special characters in the name except underscore Click OK when done. Scope of the Variables helps you to deal with lifetime of the variables: When we are working with variables, it is important to understand the Scope of a Variable. The Scope describes the the accessibility or life time or visibility of a variable.

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Passing Arguments helps to call the same sub routine or function many times in you project: We write the procedures to perform certain tasks and some times we may required to write another procedure with small variations.

In this situation we can take advantage of the Passing Arguments.

Understanding Collections helps to quickly access all items with the same characteristics or from same collection: Collection is an object contains group of objects having similar characteristics with same properties and methods. For example,if you want to loop through all charts in a worksheet, you can refer ChartObjects collection of the worksheet and do whatever you want to do with that particular chart.

Arrays helps to deal with large amount of data, store different types of data in one variable: When we work with one item we required to use one variable, if you want work with more than one item, we can go for arrays. Arrays are the variables which allow us to store more than one value.

In this session we will what is an array, what are the different types of the arrays. The Main control is called a Form, it is the primary window contains different types of controls which allow user to interact with the computer. We will see how to build a form with examples.

Event programming helps you to track each and every action of the workbook and you can perform an action any particular time or any particular action or event:- Event programming is the most useful tool which helps to monitor specific user actions within Excel.For example, Excel triggers the NewWorkbook event when it creates a new workbook. The DoCmd object is built into the Microsoft Access library.

Advanced Excel VBA Programming -Learning Outcomes: Why Should I Learn Advanced VBA?

This book was crucial for me when I started developing VB applications. Then I grew up and my priorities changed. This converts the target Excel file to a temporary.

You can use the Recordset object's GetString method to print the data contained in an Excel spreadsheet in an Internet browser. VSTO is no