Maverick by Lora Leigh PROLOGUE SHE WAS A MOTHER. She was a daughter. She was a sister and a wife. Delicate and so very. Get Free Read & Download Files Wild Card Elite Ops 1 Lora Leigh PDF. WILD CARD ELITE OPS 1 LORA LEIGH. Download: Wild Card Elite Ops 1 Lora Leigh. Wild Card (Elite Ops #1) by Lora Leigh #[email protected]_audiobooks Wild Card 3 of 7. Lora Leigh Lora Leigh - Wild ilalsmaknersound.ml MB.

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More like a jackhammer. View 1 comment. Jan 13, Vintage rated it really liked it Shelves: Proclaimed dead after a mission gone wrong, Sabella has mourned him for six years, and has had to get on with life in Alpine, Texas and running his garage. For months, even years, Sabella has cried for him and even dreamed of him being tortured and has never truly believed he was dead.

He has had a similar connection on his side, dreaming of her, but he's had bad guys to kill and does nothing about it. Noah as he is called now did not die, but has kept away from the h in order to protect her from what he sees as the monster he has become.

Lora Leigh does a very good job showing the pain, the loss and the angst of the two torn lovers without some of the real ickiness that comes with some of her other books.

Did I mention that he had mucho plastic surgery and the color of his eyes has changed. Plastic surgery I can see, but can you change the color of someone's eyes without contacts? Noah arrives back in Alpine, TX in undercover work for an Elite team, and fireworks explode once again for the two. I promise. Not in fear. He would never hurt her. But he sure knew how to pout when he wanted to. It was an accident.

It was all his fault. I thought that was cute. She does know because Sabella is about a thousand times smarter that Noah. She also knows how to make him suffer for lying to her. Knowing she had held on to that damned truck filled him with more pleasure than he could express. The contradictory feelings clashed inside him, and he promised himself he was going to spank her for this. She grinned back at him. Kira drank his Chateau Feytit Clinet red wine today.

Noah swore he could feel himself blanch. His Chateau Feytit Clinet? Hell, his training had just been shot to hell. And more inner monologuing. You big fat idiot! She had taken a lover. He lowered his head and stared at his oil-stained work boots. Someone whole. Without demons. Without a past to hide or hell burning just behind his back. How incredibly stupid and selfish the hero was for sacrificing the love of his life, the woman he absolutely adores for his SEAL missions in the first place, and, more importantly, from staying away from her for six years.

This is what Suspension of Disbelief is all about. All in all a fun romance. Lots of raunchy sex. View all 8 comments.

Feb 04, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: But I'd also heard that this book was very good and not too heavy on her usual "style", so I decided to give it a try. Well, I'm happy I did. I loved the setting and the story. I was surprised by the identity of the villain who had been leaking all the info to the bad guys I won't go into details here, for it would be a major spoiler and I was literally sitting at the edge of my chair when Based on everything I'd heard about Lora Leigh 's books, I started reading Wild Card with some caution.

I was surprised by the identity of the villain who had been leaking all the info to the bad guys I won't go into details here, for it would be a major spoiler and I was literally sitting at the edge of my chair when the final showdown came.

I knew everything would be alright in the end, of course, but I felt anxious nevertheless. I could see the whole scene in my mind, very exciting! I liked the cast of characters too, even though there were so many secondary characters that I didn't know who was who sometimes.

Although I haven't read the Tempting SEALs series yet, I know some of those characters had their stories told in those books and now I wonder if I should go back and read them. It was also quite obvious that other secondary characters are going to "star" in the following books of the Elite Ops series, and I'm definitely going to check them out.

Now, the "bad" news Noah and Bella grated on my nerves more time than I'd care to count. I could understand how hard their lives had been, but they took their "silence" a bit too far. Why couldn't they talk about their past more openly?

It was okay to hold a grudge at first, but it got tiresome after a while and I just wanted to smack both their heads. As for the sex scenes, wow, can you have too much of a good thing? Well, you can! I confess, I skimmed through several of them because they were distracting me from the action. I like a hot, sexy "interlude" as anyone else, but there's no need to go "over the top". Jan 10, Shawna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wild Card focuses on former Navy SEAL Nathan Malone, who was rescued in the novel Hidden Agendas after 19 months of captivity and torture, has been declared dead to his wife, friends, and family, assumed the new identity of Noah Blake code name Wild Card , and joined a secret unit called Elite Ops.

Wild Card has an intriguing plot and in-depth characters and is very intense, dramatic, and emotionally gripping. Bella is a strong, spirited, and likable heroine and my very favorite female character of the entire SEALS series so far. My only gripe is that I noticed a few editing errors in regards to continuity that were a tad distracting at times, but the storyline and romance are strong enough that I was able to overlook it. Wild Card is a riveting, emotional, and scorching read.

Big 5 stars! Aug 13, Julie jjmachshev rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm not sure what it was about Lora Leigh's latest, "Wild Card", but something just didn't hit all my pleasure buttons with it. Maybe it was the hero's stubbornness that lasted just too long for me not to get irritated with it. Either way, I just wasn't as thrilled with this book as I usually am with most everything Leigh writes.

Bella lost her soulmate three years ago when her SEAL husband didn't return from his last mission. Since then, I'm not sure what it was about Lora Leigh's latest, "Wild Card", but something just didn't hit all my pleasure buttons with it. Since then, she's had horrible nightmares and has only recently returned to 'living' So why now, when she's finally trying to move on, does she meet another man who makes her blood sizzle and reminds her in so many ways of her dead love? Nathan was held prisoner and pumped full of drugs for months on end.

When he was finally rescued, he was more animal than man.

Even though his dreams of his wife were all that kept him alive, he decides to remain 'dead'. Instead of returning to his 'other' life, he undergoes innumerable surgeries and comes out a new man with a new identity But when his wife is unknowingly dragged into danger, he can't NOT help her. And once, he's near her, he can't NOT want her. But if he won't reveal his past, how can the two of them have anything?

As I said, this book is very intense. The connection between the hero and heroine is at times a bit mystical, and always red hot. The difference between their 'younger' lives and their current lives provides a harsh glimpse of the reality of some relationships.

And it's not until each individual can reveal their true selves, and be accepted by the other, that a relationship can really become deep and solid. I appreciated this extra hint of realism on Leigh's part. But by golly, I spent an awful lot of this book wanting to kick Nate's ass! She manages to touch something in me and bring something to her tales that other author's can't quite touch. So, Alpha jerks or no, I'll keep looking for her titles Jan 13, LaFleurBleue rated it did not like it Shelves: I had tried two already: From almost the first page of Wild Card out of … , I felt it had been a mistake to pick this one up.

If you're a huge fan of this author, please feel free to stop reading this review which might offend you but reflects my own personal feeling. I finally finished this book, started 4. It was getting on my nerve to see the paperback on top of the heap in my bedside table. Now it's safely wrapped with the other books waiting for new owners - though I have to admit to have put it on sale more than 4 months ago, after having read only a few pages.

Prospective interested downloaders, please you better not read my opinion about it; I really hate the author's style of writing, so repetitive, so shallow in terms of characters' analysis - well anyway her characters are much more in tune with a practice that just encompasses the 4 first letters of this last word than anything that would require them to use their brain, listen to their heart or try to be understanding to other people's feelings.

The characters look like characters and have nothing real or likable. The writing style feels fake, very familiar, full of slang to make it look cool, young; some sentences are left almost unfinished as if the rhythm was too quick to have time to waste on writing correctly and finalizing own's thoughts.

All the huge difficulties that have been hashed over and over every ten pages at least over an excrutiating pages, finally get solved by just a few words and the inner conviction that suddenly and miraculously something has changed. The investigation is not even interesting. The climatic scene in which the heroine is captive of the bad guys complain if you believe this was a non-announced spoiler, but it was obvious in a book so full of cliches that it would happen later rather than sooner , is just ridiculous, totally unbelievable and lame.

For real romantic suspense, go to Suzanne Brockmann and Cindy Gerard; for romantic suspense with additional sexiness, go to Shannon McKenna. But I cannot recommend other than going on your way and not stopping there. I know many, including reliable friends, like Lora Leigh, but I always get an immediate knee-jerk reaction to her prose that make me want to tear the book apart or throw it against the wall.

View all 5 comments. Sep 18, Ivy H rated it it was amazing Shelves: This novel represents Lora Leigh at her best. It was a tearjerker but I loved it. The heroine was such a strong woman who faced all the shitty tragedy life churned out and still kept her ideals and moral standards.

I loved how hard she worked to keep her husband's legacy alive by refusing to part with the auto garage. Sabella was forced to become a strong tough woman after Nathan's "death. I loved his little brother Rory and the loving Irish grandpop. He was the sweetest old man who had taught his grandsons that there is a perfect mate for each of them. Grandpop, of course knew that "Noah" was indeed his grandson Nathan.

He knew it from the time he first saw Noah. The hero loved her a lot but I hated his selfish decision to fake his death. That almost made me give it 4 stars instead of five, but then the novel would not have been so heart wrenching if he had not faked his death.

That was so fucked up. He was lucky she hadn't remarried and had kids. The scenes where she would dream of him and get clear visions of the torture that he was experiencing were so sad too.

They were like two halves of the same coin. A perfect couple. The H's obsessive jealousy of "himself" was fun to read too. He came back into his wife's life with a new face thanks to plastic surgery and wanted to be with Sabella but felt jealous of her love for her "dead" husband. Sabella was able to figure it out eventually though because he shared far too many mannerisms with her "dead" husband and the chemistry she felt for him was the same she had shared with "Nathan".

This novel is why I have fond memories of Lora L as an author. It makes it easy to forget the heap of dog crap she churned out with her nasty menage bullshit trilogy that began with Marly's Choice. Now he's one prime specimen of delicious Irish-American hotness with his sexy eyes. Zavarelli's CROW. I got a special soft spot for my Irish and Scottish book boyfriends. I also liked the Irish nostalgia and folklore that was depicted in the novel.

Damn I want to be on the receiving end of some sexy, whispered Gaelic love endearments, like what Nathan often spoke to Sabella. They were true soul mates. I cried many times while reading this novel. Jul 21, Ally rated it liked it Shelves: So there's over the top and then there's Over The Top. Guess which one we have here.

Let's go with OTT, shall we? Apparently Sexy times: Every other flipping page. Plan on reading more by the author: I have a few of her books in my TBR so yea. Nathan is married to Isabella cum Sabella cum Bella cum Belle. Pick a fricking name already! Anyhoo, off to SEAL time he goes where he's captured by a bad, bad boy who sticks him full of drugs that turn him into a horndog on steroids. Of co So there's over the top and then there's Over The Top. Of course, he doesn't give in, so he's tortured to hell and back and physically broken, as in literally.

He's saved, because you can't have a fully broken hero, now can you? Enter Noah. Nathan is dead he proclaims to the world. So, dead he is and Noah rises from the ashes. Of course, he can resist that magic pull of his widowed wife and eventually they start playing the bang, bang, bang on my drum all day game while she thinks him a different man facial surgery, etc.

Eventually, the bad guys are badded out and things happen that I can't really talk too much about lest you desire to read this book and I spoil it for you. Just remember, you've been warned about the massive banging. So, guess what?

I liked her. She's pretty hard core. That's not to say she doesn't have some annoying moments, but overall, she's the strong one here.

I'd even say a bit domineering. Ring her Belle! Me thinks the man doth protesteth too much. Would someone shut his inner dialog up? It just goes on and on and on.

Wild Card PDF Details

He's all mine, mine, mine. Not mine. He's actually an asshole. I said it. Why it did or didn't work for me: So believe it or not, the story was kinda good.

I mean I was interested enough to see what happened with a the widow who was not a widow, b the bad guys and c the rest of the characters and the family. So I kept turning the pages. Can I get a halleluiah? What clearly did not work for me, other than the asshole, was the over the tip topiness of the last quarter of the book. I mean it was like kitchen sink of badness. Woman threatening to rape a woman, high on drugs, camp whore, all the bad dudes hanging out in one convenient place, just ALL of it.

Too much. You lost me there. Signed, Bang. Sep 19, Roksana rated it really liked it Shelves: OK where to start? The chemistry between him and his wife was of the chart and there was one moment I thought I was going to melt from the heat! Put it simply their passion was really hot, you could feel it on our own skin. The author actually made me believe there was love between them..

However, the plot-line suffered a bit due to Belle's and Noah's main focus in the book and some scenes were repetitive and although the spicy sex scenes added that dark edge to it sometimes there was too much of it and I wish the author could have use that for more plot on the action side. I hated what he did to his wife No matter how much he tried to justify himself it was unforgivable what he did to her and I did not understand his reasoning His logic was not convincing enough so i refused to sympathies with him.

On the other hand, his transformation was really interesting to watch, especially when seeing his wife in a completely different light forcing him to admit his own stupidity and blindness that led him to leaving his wife at the first place! I liked his edgy side the possessiveness and intensiveness and man the bad boy in him was as exiting as his dirty talk!

He carried that sexual magnetism that was hard to resist and i could not blamed Sabella for falling under that sexual magnetism. Noah was obsessed with his wife and I loved to see his inner tremor over his jealousy with himself, but I did not liked the fact that he was using his wife for sex knowing that he would leave her..

NO that really make me angry a big time!!!.. But what saved him from being a total jackass was the fact that he was faithful to hid wife no matter what girl they thrown at him he fought and I liked that quality about him! I like her, she was not stupid, but I wish she could have told him sooner that she new who he was and let him grovel more, compare to all the trauma she had to endure, his suffering was not enough I was so angry with him and with her not pushing him hard enough for all the suffering he inflicted on her!

Sabella's brother RORY was my rok! I really hope he will get a chance to have his own story, as he was the most appealing character for me in this book Overall the book deserves a solid 4 stars for the intensity and intriguing characterization of Rory, I will be tempted to look for other books in the Elite Ops series.

View all 11 comments. Wild Care Elite Ops, 1 Series: Yes but can be read as a standalone Author: Lora Leigh Rating: Intolerable Heroine. Taboo Subject Matter. Nathan Malone aka Noah Blake is Title: Nathan Malone aka Noah Blake is a Navy Seal presumed dead for 6 years after a rescue mission gone bad. His wife Sabella Malone has spent the past 6 years alone and grieving for her husband is barely managing to keep their mechanic business and her own life afloat.

Instead of coming back to his wife he decides to stay away because of the negative effects of some new date rape drug he had been in drugged with for 19 months. Brutally tortured and no longer resembling the man he once was he decides that he knows what's best for the little woman and never looks back. Oh btw he was so badly tortured that when they put his face back together he no longer resembles himself. Queue the life threatening circumstances that send him back to his hometown and back into his wife's life.

He sees that his wife is still holding on to the love she has for her husband and yet he pushes himself on her and forces himself into her life and back into her bed. He sees how difficult it is for her and how she feels guilty for feeling things for someone that's not her husband and yet he constantly throws her love for her husband in her face?

She eventually realizes it's her husband because she's not the little bimbo he thought he married and in fact a very smart woman. Most of their mutual friends and his brother know who he really is and yet he can't trust his own wife?

He knows he's not going to stay after the mission is over and yet he uses her for his own pleasure only to throw her aside for a job, AGAIN? I don't think Nathan ever loved his wife and he sure as hell didn't deserve the love and devotion of such good woman. In the end it's not even him that comes forward with the truth. She does! I hated how easily she was able to forgive him for leaving her to live a life alone, without financial support, and the love of her husband.

He was such a hypocrite too. One minute he's wondering why the hell she didn't move on with her life and the next he's pissed at the idea of anyone else getting near her? I wish she had been with other men and had fallen in love with someone else.

That would have been just what he deserved. Don't even get me start on the sex scenes. I would not recommend this book at all. View all 3 comments. Aug 23, Kathrynn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What a ride! When I started this I was rolling my eyes: TWO prologues and several large leaps through time.

But, I was riveted to the book from that point on. They had a connection, a soul-deep connection that spanned miles and included shared dreams and horrors. After he is rescued he is mentioned in later books of the latter series, going out on missions, etc. I think it is important to know him from the earlier books before reading this one.

Very romantic. Thought he could hide his true identity from his WIFE. His soul mate. They were only married two years and both very young when he was considered dead. They had yet to really learn each other's true passion, desires, dreams, personalities.

Talk about a wake-up call. I'm shocked that this one is mainstream fiction and want to warn people ahead of time that it should be considered erotic. The author showed both the love and emotional turmoil for great character development and had erotic scenes to back it up. Superbly done. Loved it and was sad when the book came to an end. Another favorite for This Reader! View all 4 comments. A fatal escape It was supposed to be simple.

All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Columbia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy. That was before his mission went disastrously wrong. A dangerous desire. If he can get back to his wife, can he keep the secret of who he really is.

But then, digging through my TBR pile found this book that I have no idea where or when I actually downloadd it. So decided…why not??? What a pleasant surprise Wild Card, was, hooking me into the story from the first page!!!

What he experiences are so horrendous and at times far too much to even imagine and still the most important thing for him is to ensure that Sabella is safe and happy and is prepared to do this even if it means giving up his own life for hers.

Still tortured and trying to return to a normal life…what a hard and at the end, just a joyful journey for him. Sabella has never given up hope that her husband is still alive, despite being told that he was killed during the mission to rescue him.

Oh to feel such pain and loss and still have such a deep and undying love for Nathan. There are some great interactions between them that showed the love for each other and with a bit of added humor, which distracted you a bit from all the action and murders and plots in the story.

The plot was fast paced, action packed and some really beyond evil villains, twists and turns that kept me on my toes and surprised to the end.

Even though the story had some wild and unbelievable moments, one is left with a feeling that …hey…. Naturally being a Lora Leigh book you just know that there is going to be some real hot, scorching, sizzling and erotic scenes…. And a lot of them………one scene I remember takes almost 10 pages before finally having the two fall asleep!!!!!!! Well…turned the last page…. Oct 30, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wild Card starts out with the love between Nathan and Sabella just blossoming.

She's eighteen and he's about twenty seven so there is definitely an age gap between them. She hasn't had time to mature into the woman she's destined to be yet so when Nathan's job as a Navy Seal goes horribly wrong, he doesn't believe his soft, Southern Bella can handle the repercussions.

He turns his back on the man he used to be and throws himself into healing his mind and body. After countless surgeries and numer Wild Card starts out with the love between Nathan and Sabella just blossoming. After countless surgeries and numerous suicidal missions, Nathan, now known as Noah Blake, has to return home to the life he left and the wife he refused to see.

Sabella is smack in the middle of a growing militia in his hometown who is targeting illegal immigrants and killing them. They might have gotten away with their activities, but the militia killed four FBI agents who were undercover.

Their heinous actions brings about the attention of the organization that Noah sold his soul to. The Elite Ops. An organization of dead men who signed their lives away for the chance for vengeance. Noah has been with the group for six long years and during that time both he and Bella have gone through hell and back. Seeing Bella again is wreaking havoc on his control. He doesn't know how to handle seeing his formerly soft and deferential wife stand up to him as Noah Blake with a spine forged in steel and an attitude that leaves him spinning.

During the years Noah was healing, Sabella grew up and took charge of her life. She's still very much in love with her deceased husband and hasn't been able to handle much in the way of day to day life, much less men, until Noah Blake roars into her shop on a the back of a Harley and suddenly she's come alive again.

She's responding to him just as if he were her husband and at first it horrifies her, but soon she's helpless not to accept the comfort he gives her. With the timetable closing in, the Elite Ops need to uncover the mole who is leaking information and bring down the heads of the militia. The men and women Nathan Malone had trusted to take care of his wife if anything were to happen to him have not fulfilled their oaths.

Sabella is practically alone and has no one to help her. Noah is desperate to do his job and protect the woman he regrets leaving. Too late he realizes the core of strength his Southern Bella held within her and wishes more than anything that he could turn back time and be the man she deserves. Bella doesn't want her fairy tale any longer though.

She's grown up and been forced to stand on her own two feet and only wants the man who's in her life and who has always been in her heart. Anyone expecting a raunchy read is going to be in for a shock with Wild Card. This was a beautifully written, emotionally loaded read with plentiful twists and turns. Lora Leigh did a fabulous job in bringing everything about slowly and carefully.

Noah Blake is a dangerous wild card who has been in the Elite Ops for so long that he's practically ice. He shows no cracks in his exterior until he finds out the danger surrounding the wife he refuses to acknowledge.

He roars back into town and after seeing her, can barely keep his hands off her, much less the men who dared to touch what was his. Be it old friends or his brother, his possessiveness towards Sabella reaches a breaking point and the cracks in his exterior show more and more. Noah is stunned to see that Sabella hid her true nature behind a facade of southern sweetness.

Lora Leigh

When he sees the real her, he's aroused beyond all belief and as Noah Blake, he demands she give him everything she denied her husband. Their firestorm of passion awakens Sabella back to life, and also sparks remembrance in her heart. Noah Blake might not look like her deceased husband, but he sure does feel like it. Realizing though whoever he is inside doesn't change the fact that as soon as the mission is complete he's going to leave her again, and this time Sabella is not going to lose any more years to him.

He's either going to stay or he's going to leave but she is not going to build any more shrines. She's going to have to fight for him though, fight against his own pride of not being the man he thought she needed and somehow convince him that she wants only him. I really liked Sabella. It's rare that I sympathize or connect so wholly with a heroine. I found her extremely likable and her personality completely authentic for someone who had married someone older and much more forceful.

I also understand her change in personality during the years, knowing it would have happened the same way with time if they had stayed married. I found her to be woman I could respect and would wish to befriend. Her long standing love for Nathan Malone was heartbreaking to read about as well as her confusion and sense of betrayal. Noah didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth and I empathize completely with her hurt. Noah was also a good character and I liked his whole bad boy persona.

He had a little bit of a pity party going on in his head though, but he snaps out of it eventually. One thing I didn't like however was that one of his reasons for staying away from Sabella was the fear she couldn't accept what a dominant sexual being he was now.

After reading so much about his new dark passions and the hungry beast that was awoken during his captivity, I was expecting a much hotter explosion when it finally came.

Instead it seemed all talk, no follow through. This didn't deter from the excellence of the story however, just a minor irritation. They also elevate the act of anal sex to something spiritual that I thought was a little eye rolling, but, hey, whatever.

Lora Leigh has completely surprised me with how gripping and taut a tale this was. It wasn't a mindless romp in the sack, nor was it all suspense and no romance. She balanced everything out perfectly and it only goes to show how she's grown as an author and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for her new Elite Ops series. View all 7 comments. Jul 23, AH rated it really liked it Shelves: Wild Card was an enjoyable diversion over the Christmas holidays.

Wild Card is the story of Sabella and Nathan Malone. The book begins with Sabella and Nathan, young and very much in love. Nathan is sent off on a mission and does not return. Sabella is crushed. So strong is her love for her man, that she is convinced he is still alive. After all, she is having vivid dreams of him, suffering, bloody, and tortured. Nathan has been broken and horribly tortured.

When he is finally rescued, he undergoe Wild Card was an enjoyable diversion over the Christmas holidays. When he is finally rescued, he undergoes many months of surgeries and therapies and becomes Noah Blake. Flash forward six years. Noah returns to his hometown and is surprised to find Sabella running the garage with help of his brother.

She is struggling to keep her home and the garage running. Noah secures employment at the garage. After a while, Sabella begins to suspect that Noah is not who he seems to be.

At the same time a supremacist group is targeting illegal aliens and brutally murdering them. The investigation is proving difficult because there is a mole reporting every move. When his mission ends, he will have to leave his love, Sabella forever.

The love scenes are hot. Noah is very possessive of his woman. Sabella is an interesting character. I loved how she stood up to Noah and put him in his place often. Sabella was also a very smart character and I loved how she figured Noah out so quickly, but never let on that she knew. Aside from the steaminess, there is a lot of action in this book, especially at the end.

No way.

Enjoyable distraction? View all 19 comments. May 31, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: We start off this book with heartbreaking scenes of a couple madly in love and then ripped apart when a mission goes wrong; Bella is told that her husband, Nathan "wild card" Malone is dead. Truthfully in the beginning this is what everyone believes until Nathan is rescued after 19 months of torture. In the seedy hole where he was kept, drugged, abused, the only thing that kept Nathan from bowing down to the demands of his captors was his vows to his wife.

But in the end, Nathan feels that he is n We start off this book with heartbreaking scenes of a couple madly in love and then ripped apart when a mission goes wrong; Bella is told that her husband, Nathan "wild card" Malone is dead. But in the end, Nathan feels that he is not the man he used to be and wants his wife to be kept in the dark to his rescue. Nathan Malone is "dead", Noah Blake has been created. Six years go by and both Noah and Bella are living a bleak existence, until Noah is told that his next mission is in his home town and one of his objectives is to infiltrate his way into his old workplace and to keep his wife out of danger.

To me Lora Leigh will always be the "Queen of Steam", her books are my go to if I am after something raunchy, and she always delivers. However, her storylines are in depth, the suspense and mystery in this novel kept me interested right up until the end and although I had my suspicions, the bad guys still managed to surprise me with just how bad they were.

What I am trying to say is that these books are very steamy, I am fanning myself just thinking about it,but it is not all consuming, the story is solid enough and the sexy times do not take over. This is a great start to the new Elite Ops series. It was an emotional roller coaster, but that just got my blood pumping more. The tension of what was going to happen, kept me right on the edge of my seat and I was very happy with the end outcome.

[PDF]Wild Card by Lora Leigh Book Free Download (418 pages)

If you are a fan of the romantic suspense genre I would recommend this book, give it ago. May 08, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: Brutally tortured and left with only the shell of the man everyone knew, Nathan has kept away fearing his wife, Sabella, would never be able to accept the person he has become. When he is sent back to the place he left on a new mission as Noah Blake, he is not sure what to make of the hot blooded woman with a unyielding temper his wife has become.

Six years later Sabella is struggling to keep the shop her husband had built afloat, when a biker comes to town and her brother-in-law promises him a job. Something is off with Noah Blake, Sabella has not once felt passion for anyone since her husband, not to mention that he comes into her shop barking orders as if he owns it, she wants him gone. She has one hell of a fight on her hands as Noah plans to capture her heart and soul with or without a fight.

I loved this book, just loved it. I cried, laughed, stressed myself out trying to figure out what was happening. Gritty, sexy, and a whole lot of fun. View all 18 comments. No me ha gustado mucho. El protagonista es de los que no me gustan. Lo siento, este tipo de hombres no van conmigo. Sobre el suspense. Pues para matarlo!!!! Un besote Book is not for me 6 years and never telling her the truth and always putting himself and his job first is a big NO!

He does not really love her he just does not want to let anyone else have her or for her to be honestly happy with someone else. View all 9 comments.

Aug 31, jenjn79 rated it really liked it Recommended to jenjn79 by: I enjoyed the overall storyline SEAL Nathan Malone spent 19 months tortured by a drug lord, and when he's finally free, he's so messed up he doesn't let his wife know that he's alive. Years pass, Nathan takes on the identity of Noah Blake and signs up with an private sector Elite Ops groups.

Then he finds out his wife is in danger from a militia group and returns home to protect her So it's a rather interesting dynamic. Leigh really makes you feel for both characters. And poor Sabella can't get over the loss of her husband. I also liked how Leigh had both characters realizing that they'd held a lot back from each other in the first two years of their marriage.

It was a bit unnecessary. And one thing that had me confused was Ian Not after what he'd done. And they talk about going back to Ian's hometown and settling in. I was never quite sure of that. There was no explanation regarding his return to work, or what exactly Kira was doing, and that annoyed me to no end.

I hate it when big details like that don't match up. As for the sex in the book It wasn't what I expected. I mean, yeah, at times it was fast and a little rough, but there wasn't really anything all that extreme. I'm not saying the book wasn't hot, because it was.

But even though I had a few issues with the book, it was still good. Try the site edition and experience these great reading features: Romance Novels. Literary Fiction. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention lora leigh wild card navarros promise elite ops breed series styx and storm lawe justice noah blake nathan malone nauti nights mating heat even though lawe and diane story line hot hot hot looking forward missing pages father and brother navy seal lion heat.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. This book was not good.

The sex scenes have a lot of dirty talk and are relatively rough. They are boring, repetitive and read like bad porn scripts. The ONLY difference between the first few sex scenes and the last couple is that the later scenes focus on anal sex rather than vaginal sex.

Wild Card Leigh Lora

Now onto the worst parts of this book: He ends the story exactly the same way. There is no character growth at all. He constantly, and by constantly I mean every second page, internally berates himself for being an awful person he uses much more colourful language of course because he lies to his wife and treats her poorly despite being able to see that he is hurting her and making her life more difficult.

He never does anything to rectify his behaviour and never apologises for it either. To make matters worse, the reader is supposed to believe that all this disturbing behaviour actually means he loves her. To summarise: Mass Market Paperback Verified download. I'm beginning to see Lora Leigh as a hit-or-miss author.

This was However, I could've watched a movie off netflix for free and occupied myself just as well. No offense to anyone else, but I kinda like focusing on the MALE a little more in my romances, and he was really just a secondary character, or a foil, if you will.

He didn't really have a personality beyond "nice guy breed" -Navarro seemed lame as heck and the book is really going to be about him? The Ugly: In the first chapter she goes from not having a certain weapon, to having the weapon in her jacket, to the weapon being mystically transformed into a different weapon. Choppy, but not terrible.

I wouldn't say it's a straight up pay check book, but it definitely was written distractedly. I'm not going to say I'm writing the series off, but I'm definitely going to be checking the next one out from the library before I decide to download anymore from the series.

Not great, not horrible, disappointing, but I could've been watching reality tv instead, so not a total loss. Mediocre at best. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Wild Card Elite Ops, Book 1. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Collision Point: A Brute Force Novel. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about site Prime. Get fast, free shipping with site Prime.You big fat idiot! Sabella's brother RORY was my rok!


It just goes like this on and on and on And left. The scenes where she would dream of him and get clear visions of the torture that he was experiencing were so sad too.

site Payment Products. It makes it easy to forget the heap of dog crap she churned out with her nasty menage bullshit trilogy that began with Marly's Choice.