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Many electronic stores invest in technology to try to maximize the customer experience through customization. It could be said that the care that exists in traditional patterns of trade can be transferred in large part to a virtual store. However, regarding some characteristics of the marketing mix in the digital market, there are limitations. For example, the consumer will probably not have direct contact with a vendor, and in most cases will receive support that is not necessarily in real time.

Most often, they will have to make self-service downloads where they cannot handle products, payments are electronic and there are delivery deadlines for receiving the goods. If there is a problem in a transaction, customers must use virtual channels to try to solve it or even return the product, probably at their own expense.

Clearly in all these stages there is an inherent risk that is considered and assumed by the client.

In conclusion, the three goals of the first phase of marketing strategy advocated by Webster are: check market attractiveness in terms of consumer desires and needs and competitive offerings; promote customer orientation; and finally offer a value proposition consistent with the previous ones. In the author's view, it is possible to shift the focus from a transaction-oriented perspective to that of an ongoing relationship. Also in the virtual world, it is assumed that the four dimensions of the marketing mix individually preserve different aspects of a strategic composition that must be carefully studied to be attractive to consumers.

The logic of dot-com stores follows primarily the same principles as traditional stores since they also demand a process for analyzing price, product, promotion and place, and the same marketing goal - delivering customer value. Supposedly the Marketing Mix should also be used to operationalize marketing strategy.

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On a more theoretical perspective, meta-analysis of the concepts already presented suggests that these aspects were defined due to relevance of generalized critical points to the significant majority of enterprises as a way of addressing the operationalization of Marketing Strategy. However, the virtual world presents new problems that must be considered.

Among them, security stands out, identified as a key element in virtual shopping for generating the confidence needed to make the virtual downloading process happen. Akin and Singh, , Barbosa et al. Security is also relevant to other types of digital commerce, such as m-commerce or pervasive e-commerce, accomplished through various electronic devices such as cell phones, PDA's, tablets and mobile devices in general Joubert and Belle, In summary, it can be said that security concerns can directly or indirectly cause an inhibition to electronic shopping.

In addition, each of the 4P's must be evaluated for e-commerce to outline the relevance of the security dimension to each. Consumers need the serenity to navigate the website without worrying about any system "crashes" or "bugs". There is also a need for security involving the product being shipped as specified and received in perfect condition Kovacs and Farias, Product - consumers need to obtain what they examined and downloadd in the online store.

This last point should be supported by electronic commerce whenever appropriate. Promotion - even cyber promotion has a security perspective. In the case of advertising, due to numerous phishing attempts to acquire information from Internet users by using spam e-mail, spyware or even cookies to track behavior; many anti-virus tools block sites in an attempt to protect consumers Torres, More experienced Internet users distrust suspicious deals, which inhibits involvement due to the fear of being cheated, even if the opportunity is real.

Additionally there are traditional viruses spread by email such as worms , making safety also important to various forms of digital communications.

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As noted, each of the P's has security-related elements. However, there are other variables linked to this dimension that are not necessarily steeped in the traditional marketing mix elements.

Given the importance of Security in e-commerce, it is plausible to adde it to the model as a dimension of a Digital Marketing Mix, as a tool to guide managers in the implementation of Strategic Marketing. Additionally, the inherent virtual nature and magnitude in the sense of range of e-commerce are incompatible with traditional dimensions, as they are ambiguous in terms of value and risk, especially when they comes from an exclusively online store.


The media has widely publicized the various problems for virtual consumers. Some studies suggest that brand trust has the ability to minimize this effect Hernandez, , by increasing the perception of a consumer guarantee.

This inherent risk is not a recently discovered feature, but it was identified at the end of the twentieth century as a major problem of downloading electronics.

Consumers who first contact a virtual store are uncertain if it is legitimate or not, whether it is a website created by a hacker in a remote region of the world or if it is a real company. This weakness inherent to virtuality demands legitimacy, and places great importance on security in e-commerce. Security begins to reflect its importance empirically by the emergence of companies like Paypal, PagSeguro and e-Bit, which offer financial transactions through a to payment gateway on their websites.

This symbolically conveys greater credibility to visitors and facilitates payment security. However, this question remains open because it has not completely eliminated the possibility of fraud, which naturally leads consumers to keep a defensive posture.

Similar fear is found when it comes to personal data and privacy Rohm and Milne, In some countries like Brazil, this problem is compounded by a lack of any legal regulation involving the misuse of personal data, which in this case is not considered a crime punishable by imprisonment. The importance of security in e-commerce has been highlighted by several studies as cited herein. These studies reveal that security is present in each of the four pillars of the e-commerce marketing mix perspective.

Such a fact strengthens a critical view of this variable's relevance in the marketing mix pillars and also exposes a secondary role of security, as it is, for use in digital commerce. This means the new variable would lose relevance in any analysis.

Marketing mix

However the issue of security in the virtual environment goes beyond the four dimensions and has a higher level of tactical relevance as part of the value perceived by the customer impacting directly on the shopping analysis, representing a strong barrier to the downloading process. Thus, without security, users are unlikely to make downloads. Like all 4P's, security is a critical variable of the consumer perspective that enables the downloading process to be complete.

Again, recalling that customers usually pay close attention to security aspects when making online downloads, we suggest that this dimension should be represented as a variable in the equation of perceived value, because security improves the attractiveness of online stores from customers' perspectives, thus leveraging perceived value. The use of security as a guiding element can direct the creation of virtual stores with better service structures, more stable technological environments, more reliable logistic structures and processes, as well as more comprehensive customer support.

Furthermore, the inclusion of security in a store's value proposition needs to be assessed against marketing objectives in the pursuit, creation, development and delivery of customer value Rust, Zeithmal and Lemon, Thus, the fact that Marketing Strategy aims to deliver value and Marketing Mix in turn operationalizes it deserves attention.

The Digital Marketing Mix, ultimately, must be correctly aligned with the same strategic objective: maximizing value from the customer's perspective.

As already mentioned, the Marketing Mix operationalizes key elements that must be addressed, representing the dimensions that make a difference in practical application.

They are critical factors for successful marketing. That said, one wonders whether it would be reasonable to consider if the 4P's alone are able to guide Digital Marketing management without underestimating the relevance of Security.

Without going into the conservationists or revisionist merits, the full effectiveness of this tool in e-commerce should continue to be as relevant as it has been in traditional marketing.

It is logical that using traditional Marketing Mix elements in Digital Marketing requires the inclusion of a security variable. This implies a fifth dimension, or "S" of Security that would absorb all variables related to safety, presently divided among the other dimensions or simply ignored.

The introduction of the fifth element is completely justified in view of the virtual environment, since it is a key dimension for success in e-commerce from a consumer perspective that must be correctly structured by practitioners.

At first glance, the delivery of value in the digital environment follows this principle. So for the Digital Marketing Mix to continue representing the final value from the customer perspective it needs an update that includes the Security value equation Figure In this equation the variable can assume a positive value when perceived by the customer, or negative in its absence. Source: Prepared by the authors. A highlighted Security analysis can create the necessary emphasis for managers to apply this element so that a company can deliver the best value to consumers.

Contingency plans and backup operations should also be part of them. SLA Service Level Agreement services and planning scalability for equipment are imperative for monitoring business growth over time.

Simplified signup, low system response time, payment stability and flexibility are essential in order to provide assurance to users, offering online or telephone support, personalizing the shopping experience, and obtaining security gateways and certifications.

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Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems proceedings. Judd, V. Through the form of digital, a product can be directly sent from manufacturers to customers. As a result, when a company is making strategy for Internet marketing, it is necessary to understand how to vary their products in the online environment. Here are some indications of adapt the product element on the Internet. Take Netflix as an example. The wide use of Internet has changed its form of products from selling and renting DVDs through retail stores into selling and renting video online.

Providing digital products: In order to gain market shares in the Internet, companies need to widen its product range. For example, a psychological counseling could offer online consultation via video calls. Building the whole product: Apart from selling products online, site.Bergmeier - Helping Johnny Listen: Consequently there might be gains in operating income, total value proposition and in the longevity and success of the enterprise.

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