Vacuum Tube Valley (VTV) was a magazine produced by Charlie 'C.K.' You can download each issue of Vacuum Tube Valley in PDF form at the links below. All 20 issues of VACUUM TUBE VALLEY magazine are available for free download: /Pioneering. Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine pdf back issues New. «on: January 13, , AM». good reading for any tube freaks>.

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Vacuum Tube Valley magazine VTV17 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Vacuum Tube Valley magazine issue# "Tube-O-Vibe," version of Univibe guitar device. .. Groove Tube and Fritztronics , tube-manu- facture deal. @. Screening Vacuum Tubes. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Vacuum Tube Valley. VTVpdf ( kB - downloaded times.) «Last Edit: August 15,

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Build problems? Read this first. Got em all EL34 Administrator Level 5 Posts: Go here and read this post first, then post your problems in the forum - Click here My Tube amp Parts Catalog. You may want to include VTV It's like a table of contents for all the volumes. Thanks Steve I uploaded the index also http: Note also that VTV are also appearing listed on the main schematic page.

Just wanted to give you a head's up in case they are taking up double-space for you. Quote from: HotBluePlates on August 18, , This is a very good stuff, thanks!!! Theory is when everyone knows everything but nothing works, practice is when stuff works but nobody knows why!!!

SMF 2. Mobile Device Catalog Link.

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Yard Sale Discontinued. What's New.

Amp trim Handles. Lamps Diodes. Foot Pedals.

Reverb Items. Guitar Strings. It's worth it for the forums alone, but they've got some scanned copies of books, info, all kinds of stuff. Again—be prepared to dig. Boat Anchor Manual Archive - BAMA for short; an archive of owner's manuals, service docs, schematics and whatever else can be found for old gear.

Mostly aimed at communications radios e. Electric Radio Magazine - a print magazine devoted to vintage radio gear.

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It's printed in digest-sized format e. TV Guide, Reader's Digest, Worth a look. Check out the free example issues—you may want to join. Nostalgia Air - this rivals BAMA as an archive of free radio schematics and service docs mostly taken from old Rider manuals , plus other stuff.

Unlike BAMA, they have consumer equipment e. RCA table radios rather than commercial or ham.

Pioneering Wireless - has a good number of PDFs of old books and magazines for free. Please note: you can get some info by browsing, but you need to become a member if you want to harness the full power of it, and spend the time to figure out to make it work. You have to pay a small fee and write your reasons for wanting to join I'm not kidding.

They claim that cuts it down to serious users only. A Six Color Story of the Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver - this is my scanned copy of a correspondence-course lesson on how electricity in radios flow.

I thought it was great. Even though it's for TRFs, it's applicable to superhets as well. Ham Radio Information eham. QRZ - I used them to take practice exams but I keep finding more stuff there. Definitely one of the best ham sites I've seen. Electronics may include radio Information EEVBlog - a video blog on a variety of electronics subjects.

The host makes it entertaining as well as informative. Fun with Tubes - this guy's a hoot.

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Lots of stuff about tubes, radios, audio and such, plus some off-topics rants. It would be worth it just for his various tube quotes which show up here and there. Tales from the Tone Lounge - another fun site.

This guy's interest is vintage guitar amplifiers, but he has some info on tubes and vintage test equipment. The original website is down as I type this in , but you can still find it on the Internet Archive. Tends to be modern post-Sputnik. Requires a login account but no fee.

You need an account to download, but it's free. Largely military, but has a lot of tube manuals, including some of the RCA manuals that are missing on other sites. Nostalgia Air - this rivals BAMA as an archive of free radio schematics and service docs mostly old Rider manuals , plus other stuff.Tube Amp Library. He tried to promote local audio shows for a while, one of which I greatly benefited from.

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Go here and read this post first, then post your problems in the forum - Click here My Tube amp Parts Catalog. Cheers, Geary. Fun to see my good buddy Phil in some of the guitar tube shootout photos - he just gifted me some magnificent 6SN7 and 6SL7 tubes.